EPDM Flat Roof, Dome Skylights – DS780

Detached garage, with a EPDM rubber flat roof, and 2 dome skylights.


Detached garage


EPDM rubber


OSB3 timber sheet, double glazed Mardome skylights

The roof had been poorly bridged to provide an intermediary room to access the garage which is detached from the building. The plastic glazing work done by previous builders had been running into the main roof, rather than onto the garage roof, which had caused many problems, including major leaks from the day it was installed. It was necessary to remove the plastic glazing and timber upstands to ensure the water falls away from the main roof and into the garage as it should have originally. And by reducing the height of the bridging roof, it meant that the main roof can flow onto the garage roof, eliminating any chance of the roof leaking between the two roofs. The difficulty was that the garage fell away toward the rear of the garage, so joists had to be graded from being flush at the front, but sitting above the garage at the back, and create a neat step that wouldn’t be seen from the front. And to provide more natural light, two double glazed domes were to be installed. The garage roof had also been leaking from cracks in the existing felt covering. As the existing boards did not provide a clean surface to adhere the EPDM rubber to, 18mm OSB3 timber sheets were used to overclad the roof, and strengthen it, and to provide a smooth surface with no gaps between the boards, as this would show up once the EPDM was laid. One sheet of 1.5mm EPDM rubber was provided so there were no joints at all in the roof. Although it takes more skill to only use one sheet, it gives me peace of mind knowing it has no chance of leaking in joints. The rubber roof was finished off with kerb and gutter trims in black.


EPDM rubber, metal flashing, skylight, dome, one piece.

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