EPDM Flat Roof, Dome Skylights – DS778

Detached studio, with a EPDM rubber flat roof, and 3 dome skylights.


Detached studio


EPDM rubber


Black powder coated galvanized steel flashing, Mardome skylight

The studio was decked with 18mm OSB3 timber sheet to provide a flat surface to adhere the 1.5mm EPDM rubber membrane. It was made to measure in one piece, and each of the roof openings carefully cut out, to ensure that no joints are in the rubber. The rubber was glued up the upstands of the skylights and the corners were taped with a chemically bonded primer, to vulcanize the rubber together, to become one piece. The domes were installed onto the timber upstands. The parapet wall was chased out and a metal flashing was fixed to the wall to make the roof watertight. A black UPVC clamp trim was fixed to the gutter side of the roof to ensure the water falls into the gutter.


EPDM rubber, metal flashing, skylight, dome, one piece.

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