Flat roof replacement – DS775

Top flat dormer flat roof replacement, torch on felt with aluminium edge trims


Top flat dormer


Torch on felt


Three layer torch on felt system, including stone topped capping sheet, and aluminium trims

An existing flat roof had been leaking in various places. There is no correct way to “patch up” felt roofs; the best option is to always replace the whole roof covering. The existing felt was removed back to the ply boards, and a new three layer torch on system was installed. The aluminium trims are fixed to the perimeter of the roof. Firstly a perforated felt layer which is tacked down. Next, a underlay layer of felt which is applied with a blow torch, is applied and fixed between the perforations onto the timber roof deck. Finally, a thicker, stone topped felt layer is torched directly onto the underlay. A nice even bleed ensures the bitumen has reached the correct temperature to be effective, but also looking tidy and smart.


Replacement flat roof, torch on felt, aluminium trim, leaking roof

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