Major Repair of Verges, Gutter & Fascia Replacement – DS770

Detached property, rebuild the verges, refelt a major part of the roof, install new gutters and fascias, reclad the dormer.


Detached house


Concrete tile


Timber reinforcement, gutters and fascias, UPVC tongue and groove cladding, breathable membrane

The detached property had both verges collapse due to the size of the overhang and the damp wood. The tiles were removed and the verge was rebuilt in new timber. The garage roof was leaking so the tiles and felt was removed up to the dormer, and new breathable felt was installed and then retiled. The dormer was clad in new white UPVC T&G. The perimeter of the property was installed with new fascia and gutters.



Collapsed verge, dormer, cladding, UPVC, gutter, fascia, breathable membrane, repair, damage, leak.

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