Natural Slate Roof and EPDM Gutter – DS777

Detached garage, new roof in natural spanish slate with an EPDM gutter surround.


Detached garage


Natural Spanish slate


Breathable membrane, graded batten, EPDM gutter lining, dry ridge, hip and verge system.

The garage roof had a ply deck inside the parapet to provide a sound and flat support for the thicker 1.5mm EPDM rubber membrane to adhere to. This was made in 3 separate sections, with vulcanized joints, so that the membrane becomes chemically bonded, as if it were one piece. Two outlets were cut into the wall and flashed around with the EPDM membrane. The roof was made watertight with Klober Permo Forte breathable felt, and then blue graded battens were installed to fix the natural Spanish slate to. These were hand cut around the two front hips of the roof. A dry verge system was used over the rear gable end. And a dry hip and ridge system with mechanical fixings was installed, to provide a maintenance free, worry free roof.


Natural spanish slate, epdm rubber, breathable felt, graded battens.

Other Work