New Concrete Tile Roof – DS774

Single storey extension, new roof in flat concrete tiles, including new lead flashings at the wall abutment, and two hips.


Semi detached house


Flat concrete tile


Breathable membrane, lead flashings, Marley Modern roof and hip tiles, white UPVC fascia boards

A new single storey extension was erected at the side of the property. White UPVC fascia boards were fixed to the ends of the trusses. The roof was felt and battened. A chase cut into the wall following the line of the roof, and a Code 4 lead flashing was installed into the chase against the wall abutment, and mortared into place. The tiles were fixed to the roof, and the two hips cut at each end.


New roof, concrete flat tile, lead flashing, hips, breathable membrane, fascia board, Marley Modern,

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