General Repairs

  • Chimney Repoint – DS773

    After years of weathering, the existing mortar began to break down. Although the surface was quite solid, water had seeped in and soaked the mortar. Behind the surface, the cement had become powdery and porous. By raking out the cement, all of the sand and dust can be removed, to ensure a good …

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  • Major Repair of Verges, Gutter & Fascia Replacement – DS770

    The detached property had both verges collapse due to the size of the overhang and the damp wood. The tiles were removed and the verge was rebuilt in new timber. The garage roof was leaking so the tiles and felt was removed up to the dormer, and new breathable felt was installed and then retile…

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  • Fibre Valley Replacement – DS767

    The existing valley was leaking in places and beyond repair. We removed the existing valley, and cut the battens back in order to fit the new fibreglass valley. The existing felt is removed but with enough left to overlap the new membrane. A breathable membrane is fixed behind the valley, and b…

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  • Roof Eave Repair – DS765

    The existing felt had crystallized over the many years of weathering, which is very typical of this style house. To resolve the issue, we remove the first three courses of tiles, and cut away the felt. The eave trays are installed and fixed onto the roof trusses. A new, breathable membrane is f…

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