Latest Projects

  • EPDM Flat Roof, Dome Skylights – DS780

    The roof had been poorly bridged to provide an intermediary room to access the garage which is detached from the building. The plastic glazing work done by previous builders had been running into the main roof, rather than onto the garage roof, which had caused many problems, including major le…

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  • EPDM Flat Roof, Dome Skylights – DS778

    The studio was decked with 18mm OSB3 timber sheet to provide a flat surface to adhere the 1.5mm EPDM rubber membrane. It was made to measure in one piece, and each of the roof openings carefully cut out, to ensure that no joints are in the rubber. The rubber was glued up the upstands of the sky…

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  • Natural Slate Roof and EPDM Gutter – DS777

    The garage roof had a ply deck inside the parapet to provide a sound and flat support for the thicker 1.5mm EPDM rubber membrane to adhere to. This was made in 3 separate sections, with vulcanized joints, so that the membrane becomes chemically bonded, as if it were one piece. Two outlets were …

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