• Natural Slate Roof and EPDM Gutter – DS777

    The garage roof had a ply deck inside the parapet to provide a sound and flat support for the thicker 1.5mm EPDM rubber membrane to adhere to. This was made in 3 separate sections, with vulcanized joints, so that the membrane becomes chemically bonded, as if it were one piece. Two outlets were …

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  • Natural Slate Reroof – DS771

    The semi detached house was covered with natural slate. These were in a very good condition, and to keep in keeping with the other properties, these were used to recover the roof once it had been refelted with a breathable membrane and insulated to bring the property up to the current building …

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  • Composite Slate Roof – DS769

    A reroof of an original slate roof. The roof was felted with a breathable membrane, then battened. The existing valleys were replaced with a fibreglass valley. Composite slates covered the roof, finished with cemented hips and ridge in a terracotta colour.

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  • Natural Slate Roof – DS766

    The two properties had slate roofs and needed reroofing. We removed and disposed of the old slate and battens. We installed a breathable membrane to both roofs along with new battens. The barns gable end was partly recemented to provide a better holding of the verge, and to make the verge strai…

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